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We provide a professional and effective bed wetting program for children throughout Queensland & Australia wide.

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Our professional staff run a bed wetting program with the aid of our bed wetting alarms.

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Welcome to Bed Wetting Alarms Queensland

Civic Fair Pharmacy run one of the leading bed wetting alarm programs throughout Queensland & Australia Wide. Our reliable and effective Ramsey Coote Bed Wetting Alarms have proven to help more than 80% of children become dry.

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About Bed Wetting

Wetting the bed at night (nocturnal enuresis) is very common in young children and can be normal up to the age of 5 years.


About 10% of 5 year olds still wet their bed. At age 10 only half of these children if unaided, will become “dry”. The good news is that for many, an effective treatment is available using Ramsey Coote Enuresis Alarms.


Bed wetting alarms are considered the most useful and successful initial way to treat bed-wetting. Research has shown these Ramsey Coote alarms will help more than 80% of children become dry.  This treatment requires a supportive and helpful family and may take 8 to 10 weeks to work.

Initial consultation and continued guidance throughout treatment contribute greatly to children becoming dry. The key to success is a positive, caring treatment program.

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What to do next:

Ring Civic Fair Pharmacy on (07) 3349 7196 today to enquire about our bed wetting program. Our professional continence advisor will contact you for a free consultation.

About Civic Fair Pharmacy

At Civic Fair Pharmacy we provide customers throughout Queensland & Australia wide with one of the bed wetting alarms and programs with our Ramsey Coote alarm systems. We run an affordable and effective bed wetting alarm program for all types of customers, helping their children to stop their bed wetting problems.

As a local pharmacy with over 15 staff, we are committed to providing our Queensland & Australia wide customers with the best bed wetting program available. With a Ramsey Coote alarm, you will receive an effective and proven alarm system that has helped thousands of young Australians become dry through a positive and caring treatment program.

No bed wetting issue is too big or small for our staff. So please contact us at Civic Fair Pharmacy for more information on the bed wetting alarms we supply in Queensland & Australia wide..

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    Our staff provide a personal and professional service to our customers in Queensland.

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    Family Orientated

    We provide family oriented bed wetting programs to ensure your child feels comfortable.

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    All of our staff members are extremely friendly and welcoming throughout all of our bed wetting programs.

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    We pride ourselves on being professional at all times to help with you child's bed wetting.